A war between two tribes of ants looks silly to us, just like the wars between our nations look silly to the stars.

There's much more to me than can fit into this little box.

And you were only going to use it to judge me anyways, so just get to know me yourself.
Come, let's go be silly together.

My Preferred Gender Pronouns are ze, zir, and zirs.
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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hey guys! So, I really want to do something for Christmas.

So I’ll do a contest thing.

I make these little Amigurumi aliens and they’re slowly taking over my home. There will be two winners and they will each get one pair of aliens.

The contest will run from December 11, 2011 till Christmas day. 

I will use a random number generator to figure out who wins, so there won’t be any unfair winners. I will send them out as soon as possible.

I will pay for shipping and everything. Good luck! :3


1. You must be following me when the contest ends. I will check.

2. You must only reblog once, and likes do not count. Don’t be a douche.

3. Do not make a spare throwaway account for contests. I can tell. I’m not stupid.

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