A war between two tribes of ants looks silly to us, just like the wars between our nations look silly to the stars.

There's much more to me than can fit into this little box.

And you were only going to use it to judge me anyways, so just get to know me yourself.
Come, let's go be silly together.

My Preferred Gender Pronouns are ze, zir, and zirs.
Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sometimes I feel like if I cover my scars, somebody will finally think I’m beautiful again.

But, then I realize my scars remind me of my past. The one on my forehead from falling out of a chair when I was little, the one on my face from the multiple surgeries from my childhood, or the ones on my legs from a relationship that was far from happy.  May it be scraped knees, fights with sisters, or self-harm. Scars tell your story and you should wear it proudly.